Trout River Brewing Company

Springfield, Vermont

Current Operations:

Phone order can be placed by calling (802) 885-6613 or online HERE. Credit card information must be given over the phone, you will be provided with an order number.  Please call when you arrive with your order number.

Delivery: No


Thursday & Friday 4-7pm

Saturday 12-6pm

Dan and Laura Gates founded Trout River Brewing Company in July of 1996. Over the years, Dan developed some of best craft brews in the state of Vermont. Trout River Brewing Company was one of the original players in the early stages of the Vermont craft beer movement and became well known throughout New England.

In the fall of 2014, Dan decided to step down as owner of Trout River Brewing Company. Kelen Beardsley, Gabriel Streeter, and Trevor Billings, three friends from the town of Springfield, Vermont, purchased the brewery. The three new owners are incorporated under Vermont Beer Shapers, LTD., honoring the heritage of the building that they moved the brewery to, the Fellows Gear Shaper building, located in the heart of Springfield, VT.

“We want to keep the traditions and some of the great beers Dan has created over the years, while making Trout River our own.” –Kelen Beardsley, President

Today, Trout River Brewing Company prides itself on delivering the best products in the spirit of the Vermont craft brewing industry. The goal is to create quality traditional style ales, while adding a personalized touch. Trout River Brewing Company is crafting beer that’s refreshing, delicious, and enjoyable. The only question you need to answer is… Would you love a beer?