The Vermont Brewers Association was founded in 1995 to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont through marketing, education and advocacy for Vermont made beer.

The Vermont Brewer’s Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit.

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Vermonters have a deep respect for what’s genuine, and an aversion to anything that falls short. Vermont didn’t become one of the world’s most respected beer destinations overnight. It took a generation of pioneers who are revered by the state’s brewers today, and a new breed of innovators. We don’t dumb down our beers for the mass market. Because we’re putting our name on something much bigger than our name.

Wherever you go in Vermont, you’ll find different styles, different tastes, and a common bond. And with every new taste, you’ll get to know the flavor of our state a little better. From the brewers who led the way, establishing our craft, to a new generation of taprooms waiting to be discovered.

In Vermont, our search for the perfect pint is fueled by a passionate and inquisitive spirit. We explore further and dig deeper. All so that we can create a beer unlike anyone else.

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VBA’s Values:


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  • We believe in the value of education for brewers and the public
  • We value clear, transparent and concise communication
  • We believe in maintaining a standard of high quality
  • We believe in the responsible enjoyment of great beer
  • We believe in the value of representation and advocacy to promote an optimal business
  • We value and support our consumers, members & staff
  • We value the beauty of Vermont’s rural landscape and a vital local economy
  • We believe in an environment where each individual is treated with dignity and respect

VBA 4 Pillars