Red Barn Brewing

Danville, Vermont

Current Operations:

Open for limited indoor and outdoor seating and beer to go.

| We will have on-site service for parties up to 6 people at tables outside and inside, please note seating is limited.

| Reservations are required.  Please call 802-227-3031 or private message on Facebook. Reservations will be for a maximum of 1.5 hrs.

| If you do not have a reservation ahead of time and come over, check with our host if there are any open tables. If so, a reservation can be made at that time.

| Reservations have an end time – this is to ensure that the next group can get in and get their table. This also helps us manage the flow.

| If you do not have a reservation and the tables are full we cannot admit you as we will be at maximum occupancy. The host will try to provide an approximate wait time and you are permitted to wait in your car or leave and come back.

| Parties should stay at their tables while drinking beverages and/or eating food.

| If you are more than 15 minutes late for a reservation it will be forfeited.

| Please wear a mask when walking around, ordering, or using the restrooms.

| Please social distance and be respectful of the rules.

| No moving tables to combine parties.

| No drinking or eating at the designated bar areas – please keep clear.

| For ordering beer to go only, please check with the host on the way in and order from the window.

| There is no consumption of canned or growler beer in designated drinking areas, OR in the parking lot or cars.

| If you do not feel well or show symptoms of COVID-19 – please do not come out!

Delivery: No


Thursday-Friday: 5-8pm

Saturday: 2-7pm

Red Barn Brewing is a small (nano) brewery located in rural Danville Vermont. We are located in a beautiful 1840’s era barn, where we create and serve small batches of finely crafted beer. We brew a variety of styles including Porters, English, Kölsch, Wheat, Lagers, APAs and IPAs. These beers, our picturesque location, and our cozy retail space make for a truly unique Vermont craft beer experience.