House of Fermentology

House of Fermentology

Burlington, Vermont

The House of Fermentology is a small beer blendery in Burlington that ferments and ages its beers slowly in oak barrels with our mixed culture of saccharomyces and brettanomyces yeasts along with lactic acid bacteria to make our beers lean, dry and refeshingly tart. Through our artful blending, this process creates distinctive and original wild ales. All of our beers are alive, unfiltered and 100% bottle-conditioned.


All our beers are fermented using a mixed culture of Brettanomyces wild yeast.

We blend barrels and perform a secondary fermentation with our raw local honey or fruits available.

There is an abundance of wild yeast in the honey that has been collected by honey bees from the surroundings fields and forest.

Wild yeast adds complexity to our beer.


When our beer is bottled, a third fermentation takes place from the yeast, bacteria and sugar is present. This bottle conditioning process allows for the beer to be naturally carbonated in the bottle.

The yeast and bacteria in the bottle could be alive for many years.

Between them, Todd Haire and Bill Mares have 60 years of brewing experience, but truth be told, only 20 of those years count – Todd’s professional career. Todd and Bill became friends through a shared interest in beekeeping. That friendship deepened when they decided to write together a third edition of Bill’s widely-praised book, Making Beer.During that project, they conceived this blendery, both because Todd had wanted to make these kinds of beer his whole career and to make a fitting conclusion to the book. They sized the blendery for their present time and future ambition, and sited it in the middle of Burlington’s brewing district.

The blendery is located in the heart of Burlington’s brewers’ district in the South End. However, if you want a comfortable spot to enjoy our beers, Foam Brewers, at 112 Lake Street, is only 1.5 miles north of the blendery.

Foam Brewery Hours:

Monday – Thursday 12pm- 10pm

Friday- Saturday 11am- 12am

Sunday 11am- 7pm