Our Team

Board of Directors

Avery Schwenk
Paul Sayler
James Branagan
Anne Linehan
Dan Ukolowicz
Marty Bonneau
Kelen Beardsley



Founder of the Vermont Brewers Association

Greg Noonan

Executive Director

Melissa Corbin

Festival and Marketing Manager

Amy Cronin

Office Manager

Lauren Mark

Board of Directors and Officers 2019

Avery Schwenk (President) – Hermit Thrush Brewery – Term Ends 2019
James Branagan (Secretary) – Whetstone Station – Term Ends 2019
Anne Linehan (Treasurer) – Brocklebank Craft Brewing – Term Ends 2021
Kelen Beardsley – Trout River Brewing Co.– Term Ends 2021
Marty Bonneau – Goodwater Brewery  – Term Ends 2019
Paul Sayler  – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery – Term Ends 2019
Dan Ukolowicz –  Simple Roots Brewing – Term Ends 2020

Committee Members and Chairs 2019


Events: The purpose of the Events Committee is to increase traffic to our brewer’s taprooms and further cultivate and engage Vermont craft beer lovers by hosting events throughout the year. 

Andrea Gagner (Chair) – 14th Star Brewing Co.
Anne Linehan – Brocklebank Craft Brewing
Marly Thompson – Harpoon Brewery
Joan Bulzacchelli – Hermit Thrush Brewery
Joshua Smith – Kickback Brewery

Finance: The purpose of the Finance Committee is to develop and review fiscal procedures, create an annual budget and ensure accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability for funds. 

Anne Linehan (Chair) –Brocklebank Craft Brewing
Marty Bonneau – Goodwater Brewery
Steve Gagner – 14th Star Brewing Co.
Sean Lawson – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Membership and Governance: The purpose of the Membership and Governance Committee is to oversee VBA Board development and to ensure the effective operation of the leadership structure as well as to explore expanding membership benefits. 

Scott Gawitt – Vermont Pub and Brewery
Sean Lawson – Lawson’s Finest Liquids
Kara Pawlusiak – Simple Roots Brewing

Government Affairs: The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to assure a healthy brewing industry within the state by developing and articulating to the industry a consensus from within membership as it relates to regulatory, legislative and governmental affairs.

Dan Ukolowicz (Chair) – Simple Roots Brewing
Paul Sayler – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
Shaun Hill – Hill Farmstead Brewery
Sara Jasinksi –  Beer Naked Brewery
Matt Nadeau – Rock Art Brewery
Scott Salmonsen – Saint J Brewery
Allen Van Anda – Lost Nation Brewery                                                                
Mike Czok – Bent Hill Brewery

Marketing: The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to facilitate internal and external communications for the VBA, and to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont.

James Branagan (Chair) – Whetstone Station
Kelen Beardsley – Trout River Brewing Company
Ross Richards – Madison Brewing
Nate Scull – Hermit Thrush Brewery
Alyssa Sorrentino – Lawson’s Finest Liquids
Prescott Stanton – 14th Star Brewing Co.
Marly Thompson – Harpoon Brewery
Drew Vetere – Long Trail Brewery                                                                      
Richard Morin – Hired Hand Brewing Co.

Sustainability: The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to assess the current environmentally sustainable practices of our members with an examination of wastewater treatment as a priority.

Chuck Soucy (Chair) – Hermit Thrush Brewery
David Fitzgerald – Mill River Brewing BBQ & Smokehouse
Adam Fuller – Magic Hat Brewery
Peter Logan – River Roost Brewery
Steve Miller – The Alchemist

Technical and Education: The purpose of the Technical and Education Committee is to provide education and training to member brewers with the goal of improving and maintaining the highest quality standard of beer brewed in this State. 

Scott Gawitt – Vermont Pub and Brewery
Nate Johnson – Prohibition Pig
Brandon Mayes –  Long Trail Brewery
Steve Parkes – Drop-In Brewing
Scott Shirley – Lawson’s Finest Liquids
Josh Smith – Kickback Brewery
Dan Ukolowicz –  Simple Roots Brewing