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A picture of the VBA board of directors and staff

VBA Staff

Emma Arian

Emma Arian, Executive Director

Emma Arian is the Executive Director of the Vermont Brewers Association. A 2020 graduate of the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Community Entrepreneurship and Food Systems, Emma’s journey with the VBA began as a summer intern in 2019. Her passion for the industry and dedication to its growth led her back to the VBA in 2022, where she assumed the role of Marketing and Promotions Manager.

In 2023, Emma took on the position of Interim-Executive Director, showcasing her leadership skills and commitment to the Vermont brewing community. Her interim role paved the way for a seamless transition to full-time Executive Director in December 2023. Emma continues to play a pivotal role in advancing the VBA’s mission and fostering collaboration within the vibrant Vermont brewing landscape.

Hannah Goldman

Hannah Goldman, Marketing & Membership Manager

Hannah Goldman serves as the Marketing & Membership Manager for the Vermont Brewers Association. A 2014 graduate of Champlain College with a B.S. in Communications, Hannah’s journey into the world of beer began in 2019 when she took on the role of Events and Marketing Director at Burlington Beer Company. Here, she played a key role in developing their merchandise and events program and contributed to the successful launch of the Flynn Avenue restaurant.

Hannah’s connection with the Vermont Brewers Association began in 2022 when she joined the Events and Marketing committee, showcasing her dedication to fostering community within the brewing industry. In the spring of 2023, Hannah officially joined the VBA full-time staff team, bringing her wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the position.

Board of Directors

Kara Pawlusiak, Simple Roots Brewing

Kara Pawlusiak, Simple Roots Brewing, President

Bob Grim, Foam Brewers

Bob Grim, Foam Brewers, Vice President

Heather Kraemer, Kraemer & Kin

Heather Kraemer, Kraemer & Kin, Secretary

Nina Hurley, Good Measure Pub & Brewery

Nina Hurley, Good Measure Pub & Brewery, Treasurer

Joe Lemnah, Burlington Beer Company

Joe Lemnah, Burlington Beer Company

Geoff Sewake, Whirligig Brewing

Geoff Sewake, Whirligig Brewing

Terry Thompson, Prohibition Pig

Terry Thompson, Prohibition Pig

Sean Pagano, Switchback Brewing Company

Sean Pagano, Switchback Brewing Company

2024 Committee Members

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Kara Pawlusiak (President) – Simple Roots Brewing
  • Bob Grim (Vice President) – Foam Brewers
  • Heather Kraemer (Secretary) – Kraemer & Kin
  • Nina Hurley (Treasurer)– Good Measure Pub & Brewery

Events and Marketing Committee:

The purpose of the Events Committee is to increase traffic to our brewer’s taprooms and further cultivate and engage Vermont craft beer lovers by hosting events throughout the year. The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to facilitate internal and external communications for the VBA, and to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont.

  • Chair: Hannah Goldman – Vermont Brewers Association
  • McKenzie Bearup – Foam Brewers
  • Amy Lieblein – Switchback Brewing
  • Terry Thompson – Prohibition Pig
  • David Schulz – Goodwater Brewery
  • Emily Provost – von Trapp Brewing

Government Affairs Committee:

The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to assure a healthy brewing industry within the state by developing and articulating to the industry a consensus from within membership as it relates to regulatory, legislative and governmental affairs.

  • Chair: Matt Wilson – Zero Gravity Craft Brewing
  • Scott Gawitt– Vermont Pub & Brewery
  • Chris Kesler  – Black Flannel Brewing Company
  • Bob Foley – Foley Brothers Brewing
  • Bob Montgomery – Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Bill Mares – House of Fermentology
  • Paul Sayler – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
  • Avery Schwenk – Hermit Thrush Brewery
  • Jack Droppa – Weird Window Brewing
  • Terry Thompson – Prohibition Pig

Sustainability Committee:

The mission of the Sustainability Committee is to provide outreach and education to guild membership by establishing an archive of information and expertise on brewery sustainability and best management practices.

  • Chair: Bob Grim – Foam Brewers
  • Dan Sartwell – Black Flannel Brewing Company
  • Chris DeMasi – Switchback Brewing Company
  • Anna Novine – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
  • Tom Everett – von Trapp Brewing
  • Jack Kern – Amherst Labels
  • Carra Cheslin – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Technical and Education: 

The purpose of the Technical and Education Committee is to provide education and training to member brewers with the goal of improving and maintaining the highest quality standard of beer brewed in this State. 

  • Chair: Terry Thompson – Prohibition Pig
  • Andrew Godiksen – 14th Star Brewing
  • Steve Parkes – Drop-In Brewing

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: 

  • Chair: Geoff Sewake – Whirligig Brewing
  • Nina Hurley – Good Measure Pub & Brewery
  • Amy Todd – BIA Diagnostics
  • Heather Kraemer – Kraemer & Kin
  • Marissa – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery