2024 Passport Stories

The Vermont Brewers Association has 67 members, many of which have tap rooms where you can taste unique and creative brews that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Read ahead to meet some of Vermonts top Beer drinkers, and discover why Vermont beer is so renound. 

Meet Emily and Tyler

Emily and Tyler are coming up on a year in March of starting their passport journey. “It was one of the first things we did when we started going on dates,” recalls Emily. The couple is now at 49 and 45 breweries with Emily in the lead. 

Tyler and Emily are both Vermonters, and as such, have always been interested in Vermont Beer. However, going on dates to breweries is really what got their passports filled up. Emily really hadn’t visited many breweries outside of Burlington until they began dating and would plan trips around hitting ones further out.  

Tyler was the same way. He had previously participated in the passport program back when it was a paper passport, and hadn’t thought about it until Emily got him “hooked on it again.” 

Together they plan camping trips, disco golf trips and road trips in order to reach the far depths of Vermont keeping them from completing their passport. On a road trip to cape cod, they hit all of the breweries along the southern border on their drive down. That weekend alone, they hit nine breweries in total which is their record amount of breweries for one trip.

Out of all of the beers the couple has tried in the past year, they have developed a few favorites. Emily’s favorite brewery so far is Outer limits; she specifically mentioned their IPA as her top beer.