Kickback Brewery

Westford, Vermont

Please note this brewery is not open to the public.

A Veteran owned and operated brewery out of Westford, Vermont making small half barrel batches.  Beers are currently only available through festivals, private events, and weddings.

It all started in 2005 when 3 childhood friends decided they would start brewing to stay together after the deployment.  Since then, they met once a week to do brewing related activities.

The name for Kickback Brewery, was born after a recent deployment in 2010 when friends agreed that, to them, drinking a beer means “sitting down, relaxing and putting our feet up.”

Kickback Brewery sets out to design and provide simple yet distinctive beers using as many locally sourced ingredients possible.  Their beers are made for hardworking people who, at the end of the day are just looking to put their feet up and enjoy a cold great tasting beer.