Welcome Email

Dear XXX,

Welcome to the Vermont Brewers Association! We look forward to having you as our XXth member.At your earliest convenience, please send us the following to get your membership rolling:

_ High resolution file of your logo with a transparent background

_ A description for use for our website and any marketing materials

_ A photo that would be used as a feature image for your page on our website

_ Social links

_ Website address

_ The brewery trail you would like to be added to, more than one of them might be a good fit.

Who would you like to be the point person for our Vermont Brewery Challenge mobile app? It should be the owner and then you are able to add other staff if someone else is managing marketing for you.

Are there any other email addresses other than this one that should get updates and newsletters from the VBA?

Finally, take a look at our committees and let me know if anyone at your brewery is interested in joining a committee. Our committees are active now, some take a break in the summer months and then start up again in the fall.

Great to have you as part of the organization. Welcome to the team!!!