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2020 Featured Brewers



2019 Featured beers

** Two tasting tickets are needed for beers 8% and above

14th Star Brewing co.


Beer Today, Gone Tmavè- 5.1% ABV
Collaboration with Simple Roots Brewing
This beer is a dark Czech lager featuring Saaz hops. A rich and malty beer with a clean dry finish

Ménage à Tres- 5.5% ABV
Collaboration with Zero Gravity and Hermit Thrush Brewery 
Each of the brewmasters contributed a tree to the beer, to be infused into the product. A sour black lager with the 3 trees being birch, juniper and spicebush.

Green Mountain Masher’s Wee Heavy- 8.5% ABV **
Wee Heavy brewed in collaboration with the Green Mountain Mashers homebrew club

Tom Cat Gin Barrel Aged Barleywine- 12.5% ABV**
Collaboration with Frost Beer Works
Enjoy complex vanilla, honey, and juniper flavors from a 3 month aging session in Caledonia Spirits Tom Cat Gin American Oak barrels


1st Republic Brewing Company


Everything but the Sand (Blackberry)- 5.25% ABV
Festival exclusive beer
A fruit wheat beer conditioned in blackberries and fermented with a special yeast that brings out amazing tropical flavors.

Ardent Concession IPA- 6.5% ABV
Vermont style IPA brewed with citra and mosaic hops.


À la Fût


Double Kapi Sureau- 8% ABV**
Our brewers are having a great time in the cellar! Our love of fresh and local fruit has inspired this special version of the Double Kapi. This time, elderberries from the Ferme Dosa in Roxton Falls were added to a young Double Kapi and then left for a month in oak barrels. Then, we blended this divine nectar with a regular Double Kapi to create a fruity and perfectly balanced brew.

Rouge de Mekinac- 5.4% ABV
This award-winning beer is a cross between two unique Belgian beer styles, the “Vieille Kriek” and the “Rouge des Flandres.” After aging 16 months in oak barrels, a series of wild yeasts and a large batch of sour cherries have been added to give this beer a piercing acidity, a typical sourness and fruity and vanilla flavours.

Cuvee Western- 5% ABV
Discover this sublime blend of inoculated musts (voluntary addition of a mixture of wild yeasts and microorganisms, similar to Lambic) aged 6 and 30 months, as well as 5 musts resulting from SPONTANEOUS fermentation. Yes! These musts were created by drawing inspiration from the Québec maple syrup tradition, obtained by cooling them in a maple syrup evaporator. These divine liquids then matured for more than two years in oak barrels before being added to this blend. You must try this exclusive product, the result of exploring of the forces of nature!

Dolgo a Gogo- 5.4% ABV
This nectar was born out of the meeting between the beer and cider worlds thanks to the complicity of the Dolgo sour apple from Milton Cider Factory. Indeed, the juice from the Dolgo apple is used to flavour and ferment the grain wort which is brewed at À la Fût. This hybrid has undergone a 12-month ageing process in oak barrels before being fermented again in bottles to allow it to reach its finesse in a unique fruity and spicy way.

Big Spruce Brewing


Guava Get Me Some – 6.4% ABV
Organic Guava Fruit IPA – A hazy, tropical fruit basket, exploding with guava fruit, El Dorado and Mosaic hops

Ra Ra Rasputin 2018 – Glenora Whiskey Barrel Aged- 10.5% ABV **
Organic Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout – Fiery warm with chocolate, roast and coffee flavours. Barrel aged 9 months in local Glenora Distillery single malt whiskey barrels.

The Hour of Sour – 6.2% ABV
Brett Fermented Raspberry Sour – A lightly tart, fruited sour displaying unique, North of the Border, terroir Brett flavour and aromatics

Death Cookies – 7.1% ABV
NEIPA – All the hazy, hoppy well groomed tropical glory of a NEIPA…but watch you don’t catch an edge! Copiously hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic

M.C. Amalgamation – 7% ABV
Collaboration with Lawson’s Finest Liquids
Brett IPA – Hazy, hop forward IPA co-fermented on Amalgamation Brett. Pineapple, tropical aromatics and flavours

Plum Loco Olé – 4.8% ABV
Collaboration with Idletyme Brewing Co.
Tequila Barrel Aged Plum Sour – Kettle soured wheat ale, aged in a Jalisco Tequila barrel and conditioned on plums


Brocklebank Craft Brewing


251 IPA – 7.6% ABV
Named for Vermont’s 251 towns, this smooth and mild IPA features all Vermont-grown Cascade and Centennial hops

Stack O’Lee – 5.5% ABV
A pilsner made with American hops. Named in honor of our late, great brewdog, Stack O’Lee, it shares his handsome golden color.

Tunbridge Loam – 5.6% ABV
A dark and smooth stout named for Vermont’s state soil. Yes, there is a state soil.


Drop-In Brewing Company


Oh, Vienna! – 5.6% ABV
A traditional Vienna Style lager that is clean & balanced with a dry finish

Fetchez La Vache! – 6% ABV
A creamy and decadent milk stout brewed with lactose

Blissed Out Stoke – 5.5% ABV
An easy drinking filtered American wheat ale brewed for the ski slopes

Drop of a Hat – 3% ABV
Collaboration with Magic Hat Brewing Company 
Berliner Weisse kettle soured with Lactobacillus.


Farnham Ale and Lager


Hazy Camper – 5.9% ABV
A New England IPA and an employee and taproom favorite

Concrete Feet – 8.2% ABV
Imperial Stout

In Cahoots – 5.5% ABV
Collaboration with Mill River Brewing
American Pale Ale

Gaper Cap – 8.5% ABV**
Collaboration with Cousins Brewing
Double IPA


Frost Beer Works


Lush Double IPA – 8% ABV**
A double IPA with luxuriant aromatics and succulent flavors. The combination of hops from both hemispheres and our ale yeast complement each other to create rich, juicy character.

Research Series IPA – 8% ABV**
The focus of our Research Series is the opportunity to make new discoveries independent of our core beers. The beers in this series provide unparalleled freedom of creativity and the ability to share the results of our research with you.

Hermit Lush – 8% ABV**
Collaboration with Hermit Thrush Brewery
A wild fermented kettle soured Double IPA, with a lot of epic and exotic hops. A Hermit Thrush twist on Frost’s Lush, delish!

Tom Cat Barrel Aged Barleywine – 12.5% ABV**
Collaboration with 14th Star Brewing Co.
Brewed in collaboration with 14th Star Brewing. Enjoy complex vanilla, honey, and juniper flavors from a 3 month aging session in Caledonia Spirits Tom Cat Gin American Oak barrels.


Good Measure Brewing Co.


Early Riser – 4.8% ABV
American Cream Ale

The World Takes – 6.5% ABV
Brut IPA

DDH Social Club – 5.2% ABV
Double Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale

BLCK Vol.4 – 9.5% ABV**
Imperial Stout with cinnamon, maple, Carrier Roasting Coffee, bourbon-soaked vanilla beans


Goodwater Brewery


Rezervoir IPA – 5.5% ABV
A cloudy IPA with big citrusy, tropical aromas. A juicy luscious taste and low bitterness make it extremely approachable.

Chocolate Porter – 6% ABV
A rich and malty beer with a sweet aroma to satisfy any chocolate craving! Medium carbonation and abundant chocolate overtones makes this a delightful experience!!

Green empire brewing


Citra Friendly APA – 5.5% ABV
American Pale Ale – All Citra hops

Side Business IPA – 7% ABV
India Pale Ale – Flagship IPA – Mosaic, Colombus and Citra hops

Free Spirit Double IPA – 7.8% ABV
Double IPA – Motueka and Mosaic hops.

Chill Session Ale on CASK – 4.2% ABV 
Session Ale- Brewed with hemp on special cask

Side Drop Double IPA – 8.3% ABV**
Collaboration with Upper Pass Beer Company 
Double IPA with Lotus hops & Idaho 7 hop hash


Harpoon Brewery


Rec League – 3.8% ABV
A 35 IBU hazy session pale ale with vibrant, tropical hops, super grains & sea salt.

UFO big Squeeze – 4.5% ABV
It’s super simple – we just mix an unfiltered wheat beer with al grapefruit juice. Not too sweet, super refreshing, perfect for any time of day or year.

Harpoon Porter – 5.3% ABV
We use a handful of traditional, darker malts and our house ale yeast to make a simple, classic porter. It has a nice bready, chocolate and toffee-like character to it without much roast or bitterness. Its malt-forward for sure but balanced, easy-going, and satisfying.

UFO Pineapple – 5.2% ABV
The base is just an easy-drinking, unfiltered wheat beer but we use some Denali hops which smell and taste just like pineapple – and then add in some natural pineapple flavoring as well.  Its fruity, balanced, and easy-drinking-great for hot summer day or quick tropical escape in the winter


Hermit Thrush Brewery


Hermit Lush – 8% ABV **
Collaboration with Frost Beer Works 
A wild fermented kettle soured Double IPA, with a lot of epic and exotic hops. A Hermit Thrush twist on Frost’s Lush!

2 Birds 1 Whetstone – 4.5% ABV
Collaboration with Whetstone Craft Beers
Whetstone’s session IPA, kettle soured and fermented with Hermit Thrush house yeast: lemon-lime hoppy goodness

Ménage à Trees – 5.5% ABV
Collaboration with Zero Gravity and 14th Star Brewing Co. 
Each of the brewmasters contributed a tree to the beer, to be infused into the product. A sour black lager with the 3 trees being birch, juniper and spicebush.

Simple Hermit – 8.8% ABV**
Collaboration with Simple Roots Brewing
Pale, dry ale with unique spicy characteristics featuring VT Nugget hops

When Pigs Fly – 9% ABV**
Collaboration with Prohibition Pig
Glitter DIPA brewed with Prohibition Pig. They said it would never happen. It’s all about compromise.

Local Schmocal – 5.5% ABV
Kettle soured pale ale with kiwi and starfruit

Vagrant Optimism – 8% ABV **
Barrel aged sour farmhouse ale of necessity


Idletyme Brewing Co.


Spelt Milk Oak Stout – 4.2% ABV
Featured at Big Spruce Brewing’s tent 
A smooth session stout, light, but round body, finish light sweet to a perfect bitterness


J’ville Brewery


IIPA – 9.3% ABV **
2018 World Beer platinum winner Imperial IPA

Golden Ale – 5.4% ABV
2018 World Beer Competition Gold Winner

Red Ale – 6.4% ABV
A deep red hue from combination caramel and dark roast malts. Lightly hopped.


Kickback Brewery


Guns and Butter – 7.2% ABV

Dark Smokey Night – 6% ABV

Taco Lager – 5% ABV

Kiwi Strawberry Kettle Sour – 4.5% ABV


Lawson’s Finest Liquids


Double Sunshine – 8% ABV **
Double Sunshine is our American Double India Pale Ale which is packed with juicy, lush fruit character and dank herbal aromas, thanks to the abundance of U.S. grown hops

Fayston Maple Chocolate Tart Cherry Imperial Stout – 10% ABV **
Brewed with loads of dark malts and a hefty dose of maple syrup, then fermented with Montmorency tart cherry juice and cacao, this rich and decadent stout features notes of dark fruit and chocolate

Scrag Mountain Pilsner – 4.8% ABV
Inspired by the traditional Czech Pilsner style. Our house lager is a tribute to the source of Waitsfield’s town water and the aquifer deep beneath Scrag Mountain.

M.C. Amalgamation Brett IPA – 7% ABV
Collaboration with Big Spruce Brewing 
Hazy, hop forward IPA co-fermented on Amalgamation Brett. Notes of pineapple and tropical aromatics and flavors. Collaboration beer with Big Spruce Brewing of Cape Bretton, Nova Scotia. Brewed at LFL in Warren, VT.

Cask: Space In Between w/ Blood Orange juice – 5% ABV
Hazy ale with a hint of tartness, brewed with oats and wheat and dry-hopped with Nelson and Galaxy varieties with Blood Orange juice


Long Trail Brewing Company


Vermont IPA – 6% ABV
The juicy hop profile is complemented by the grist, which features a heavy hand of flaked oats and aromatic Munich malt to deliver a smooth mouthfeel and hazy appearance

Lager – 5.3% ABV
Clean, easy-drinking craft lager with a crisp base accompanied by lemon and herbal hop aromas derived from Kazbek hops

Young American 802 – 9.4% ABV **
American malt liquor with low bitterness and fruity yeast character


Madison Brewing Company


Route 9 RIPA – 6% ABV**
Collaboration with Whetstone Craft Beers
A hazy Vermont IPA brewed using rye malt. Everything you expect in a NEIPA, with rye.

Seven South – 5.7% ABV
Collaboration with Rutland Beer Works
Madison brewing’s first ever collaboration presents a delicately hopped clean and crisp India Pale Lager

Toasted Hemp Porter – 6% ABV
An American Porter brewed with toasted hemp and toasted coconut


Magic Hat Brewing Company


Duvine Rouge Ale – 7% ABV
Beer-Wine Hybrid brewed with petit verdot and petit sirah grapes. Dry, slightly tart with earthy aromas and complex grape flavors.

Duvine Blanc Ale – 7% ABV
Beer-Wine Hybrid co-fermbented with viognier grapes with fruit forward aromas of peaches and apples

Laughing Stock – 8.2% ABV **
Big, juicy DIPA with hints of mango, papaya, and grapefruit

Spanish Lady – 5.4% ABV
Slightly tart margarita-inspired ale brewed with limes, oranges and salt, conditioned at a controlled temperature on tequila barrel chips

Pilot Pale Ale – 5.6% ABV
Lemon and melon american pale ale that resonate over a light resinous character and smooth finish

Drop of a Hat – 3.5% ABV
Collaboration with Drop In Brewery
Berliner Weisse Kettle Soured with Lactobacillus


Mill River Brewing Co.


Fulling Mill IPA – 6.4% ABV
IPA dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra

Ski Bum Cerveza – 5% ABV
A Mexican style lager that is thirst quenching and easy to drink

Cahoots Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV
Collaboration with Farnham Ale and Lager
A Pale Ale

Norwich Inn


Dark Glasses -7.1% ABV 
Collaboration with Brocklebank Craft Brewing
India Unpale Ale

Private Stock ’18 – 8.4% ABV**
Malty English old ale aged with rum infused American oak


Otter Creek Brewery


Free Flow IPA – 6% ABV
Free Flow IPA is full of Falconer’s Flight, Citra and Galaxy hop goodness with a hit of oats thrown in the mash to create smooth, hazy profile

Kaiser des Schwarzen – 11% ABV**
Imperial Porter

All Soul Lager – 4.75% ABV
All Souls Lager is a crisp, refreshing amber-hued lager brewed with locally-grown organic hominy


Prohibition Pig


Hazy Joosebag – 6.6% ABV
New England IPA with Citra & Amarillo

It’s a Hard Bock Life – 7.5% ABV
Strong Malt Forward German Lager

Toasted Coconut Porter – 5.8% ABV
Porter aged on toasted coconut


Rutland Beer Works


Seven South IPL – 6.9% ABV
Collaboration with Madison Brewing Company
India Pale Lager

Rutland Red – 5% ABV
American Amber Ale

Better Days IIPA – 8% ABV**
Our flagship double IPA, west coast style; bitterness balanced with plenty of hop aroma and flavor


Saint J Brewery


Gingi – 6% ABV
Collaboration with Kingdom Brewing & Kickback Brewing
Ginger Bread Porter Blended with Russian Imperial Stout.

Taco Lager – 5% ABV
Collaboration with Kingdom Brewing & Kickback Brewing
German Lager with jalapenos, pineapple & lime

Smokin’ J IPA – 6% ABV
Smokey spicy dry finishing IPA

Brown Chaga – 6% ABV 
American Brown Ale steeped with medicinal chaga mushrooms


Simple Roots Brewing


Beer Today, Gone Tmave – 5.1% ABV
Collaboration with 14th Star Brewery
This beer is a dark Czech lager featuring Saaz hops. A rich and malty beer with a clean dry finish.

Simple Hermit – 8.8% ABV**
Collaboration with Hermit Thrush Brewery
This is a pale, dry ale with unique spicy characteristics featuring VT Nugget hops

Labor of Love – 5.6% ABV
A kettle sour saison fermented on raspberries. Tart, delightful and bursting with fruit.

New North End IPA – 7% ABV
A soft and hazy New England IPA with complex fruit notes from Mosaic, Vic Secret, Azacca and Citra hops


Stone Corral Brewery


Black Beer – 6% ABV
A balanced, velvety, German inspired Black Lager. Clean layers of Dark Malt, mocha, caramel, and noble hops.

XX Chocolate Maple Porter – 7.8% ABV
Dark, delicious, and balanced, tantalizing flavors of real Vermont maple, organic, fair trade cocoa nibs from Middlebury Chocolates and rich dark malts intersect at a point of perfection

Trailblazer Lager – 4.9% ABV
Vienna lager brewed with a blend of Vienna, Pilsner, and Aromatic malts, balanced with Mandarina Bavaria, Tettnanger, and Saphir Hops

Hipster Salad – 8.1% ABV **
This unique Double IPA has CItra hops for bright citrusy aroma, Azacca hops for ripe fruit flavor, Rakau hops for intensity and Mosaic hops for complexity. This Double is soft on the mouthfeel and goes down like a session.

Bramble (Blackberry Sour) – 6% ABV
Ripe Blackberries lend their delicate sweet-tartness and lovely hue to this delicious, unfiltered, naturally soured brew


The Alchemist


Heady Topper – 8% ABV **
An American Double IPA

Focal Banger – 7% ABV
An American IPA

Skadoosh – 7% ABV 
A speciality beer to support “The Pink Boots Society”. Lorel, Glacier, Mosaic, Simcoe and Sabro hops


Trout River Brewing Co.


Trophy Trout –  7.8% ABV
Our new Double IPA. Brewed with generous amounts of Mosaic, and Cashmere. A delicious,and citrus forward IPA.

Muscle Helicopter – 8.2% ABV **
Collaboration with Whetstone Craft Beers
A delicious, and Heavy Stout. Brewed with cacao nibs, and peppers. A sweet treat with a spicy kick.

Winters in Session – 4% ABV
Our spin on an English Mild. A smooth, and malt forward brew. This beer is perfect for a cold winter’s day.

Angler Management –  7% ABV 
Our delicious NE style IPA. Tasting notes of orange, stone fruit, and lemon. This beer is a delightful treat.


Upper Pass Beer Company


Upper Pass / Green Empire Side Drop – 8.2% ABV**
Collaboration with Green Empire Brewing
Double IPA With Lotus hops and Idaho 7 Hop Hash

Upper Pass / Good Measure World Takes – 6.5% ABV
Collaboration with Good Measure Brewing Co.
Brut IPA

Moove On Up – 5.9% ABV
Milk Stout with coffee

Cloud Drop – 8% ABV **
Double IPA


von Trapp Brewery


Helles Golden Lager – 4.9% ABV
From the German word for “Bright”, our golden lager displays a floral hop aroma with a bready malt balance

Bohemian Pilsner – 5.4% ABV
Bohemian Pilsner has a Spicy, citrus peel botanicals combine with a dry, peppery finish to create a truly thirst-quenching lager

Vienna Style Lager – 5.2% ABV
Named for the city that created the style, our amber lager is malt forward with a grassy, crackery hop aroma

von Trapp Resilience IPA – 8% ABV **
Collaboration with Sierra Nevada and Farrell Distributing
vTb’s version of this IPA was brewed in Stowe to support the Camp Fire Relief Fund

Wheatstone Craft Beers


Two Birds, One Whetstone – 4.5% ABV
Collaboration with Hermit Thrush Brewery
Our flagship Session IPA, soured and fermented with Hermit Thrush house yeast. The result? Lemon-lime hoppy goodness.

Muscle Helicopter – 8% ABV **
Collaboration with Trout River Brewing Co.
An Imperial Rye Stout with cacao nibs and chilies

RT9 RIPA – 6.4% ABV
Collaboration with Madison Brewing Company
A hazy New England Rye IPA

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery


Madonna – 8% ABV **
Generously hopped Vermont Double IPA made with pilsner malt and American wheat. Balanced, bright and highly satisfying.

Green State Lager – 4.9% ABV
A crisp, easy drinking Pilsner beer. Noble hops in perfect balance with only the finest Pilsner malt provide a clean and satisfying brew that is as welcoming as the Green State itself

Bing Bing – 6.8% ABV
Brewed with pilsner malt, oats, and American Wheat. A fine blend of American-grown hops create an exceptionally smooth and tropical delight

Ménage à Trees – 5.5% ABV
Collaboration with 14th Star Brewing Company and Hermit Thrush
Each of the brewmasters contributed a tree to the beer, to be infused into the product. A sour black lager with the 3 trees being birch, juniper and spicebush.