Participating Breweries

2018 Vermont Brewers Festival Guide

Featured beers



B-72 – 8%

Double IPA brimming with tropical fruit and citrus notes

Oat Pale Ale – 5.9%
Easy drinking Oat Pale Ale brewed with 7C’s and Ahtanum hops brewed in collaboration with Goodwater Brewery 

Chaga Chaga Choo Choo – 4.9%
Red wine barrel aged sour brown ale with foraged chug mushrooms brewed in collaboration with Hermit Thrush Brewery

Star Bender – 6.7%
Maple wood aged amber ale with local tart cherries brewed in collaboration with Ten Bends Beer. 


1st republic Brewing

Citra Fusion Rye – 4.25%
A great Session Rye Pale Ale featuring Vermont Rye from Peterson Quality Malts and Citra hops

Denial Reloaded IPA – 6.5%
Our very popular Denial IPA with some great changed, new hops, new yeast, awesome new flavor


Beer naked Brewery

New England IPA with boats of oats, Citra and Galaxy hops Citra hop oil and Ekuanot lupulin powder. Brewed with our friends from Zero Gravity.

Michoacan – 7.6%
Toasted Hemp Maple Brown made with Vermont Maple Syrup and Toasted Hemp seeds. Pure nuttiness!


Big spruce brewing

Blood Donair – 7.1%
Imperial Meat Stout on Raspberries

Thrice – 6%
Co-fermented Wild Ale

Jac the SIPA – 6.6%
Kettle Soured IPA

Tim’s Dirty – 6.7%
American IPA

Kitchen Party – 5.6%
Pale Ale

RaRa Rasputin – 10.5%
Russian Imperial Stout


Brocklebank craft brewing

Potash Pivo – 6.5%
A pilsner-based Czech-style dark beer with debittered black malt and Munich malts

Stack O’lee – 5.5%
An American pilsner with a handsome golden color made with American hops

Timber Rattler – 7.5%
An IPA and a half, not quite a Double IPA, brewed with English malt and American hops

Red Oak – 6.8%
Barrel-aged red ale with heather tips, made with all Vermont malt and hops, and a combination of Harpoon and Brocklebank yeast


cousins brewing

Giggles – 5.6%
A light bodied American Pale Ale brewed with the iconic “4C” hops – Columbus, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook

Sharpshooter – 5.9%
Golden maple ale with local dark maple syrup poured into the boil for a subtle maple sweetness

Big Brown N Down – 5.9%
Full bodied, toasty and chocolaty with cocoa thrown in for good measure



Tart Of Lothian – 5.6%
Our classic Scottish Brown ale recipe with a Hermit Thrush twist on it

Oh Vienna – 5.6%
Classic Vienna Style Lager

Czech Your Ego – 5.6%
Classic Czech Style Pilsner

The Baltic Way – 7.8%
Classic Baltic Style Porter

Heart Of Lothian – 5.6%
Cask-Conditioned Scottish Brown Ale



American Pale Ale – 5.2%
Our American Pale Ale features a fairly full body for the style and a great deal of citrus and stonefruit thanks to a generous helping of Mosaic and Citra.

 Coconut IPA – 7.6%
Getting a little out there dreaming of summer, we brewed a crushable IPA featuring generous amounts of coconut complimented by kaffir lime and bright citrusy hops, Motueka and Idaho

Hermit Thrush Friendship – 4.2%
Chris from Hermit Thrush and Ben from Farnham created with a sour stout packed with figs and golden raisins. This wild beer has so many layers of flavor, it will make your palate wonder what fever dream of a madman conceived it. Aged hops give it a nearly tea-like flavor that gives way to fig newton, followed by a light sour, dry finish.

Double IPA – 8.5%
Heavy hop infused beer with a citrus front tasting notes of papaya, mango, floral, stone fruit and pineapple. This delightfully low IBU Double IPA will make your spring time dreams come true and leave you wanting more



Frosty Pig Collaboration – 6%
This IPA is a collaboration between Prohibition Pig and Frost Beer Works. Its design incorporates flaked oats and both old and new school hops which create a combination bright juicyfruit and subtle pine characteristics.

Lush Double IPA – 8%
A Double IPA with luxuriant aromatics and succulent flavors. The combination of hops from both hemispheres and our ale yeast complement each other to create rich, juicy character.

Junior IPA – 6%
A little guy with showy aromatics and full flavor. Bihemispherical dry-hopping contributes to a juicy stonefruit essence. Essentially, Junior squeezes elements of a DIPA into a smaller beer.

Research Series
The focus of our Research Series is the opportunity to make new discoveries independent of our core beers. The beers in this series provide unparalleled freedom of creativity and the ability to share the results of our research with you.



Hoppy Side of Pale – 5.4%
Toes the line between a Pale Ale and an IPA. At its core it remains a smooth drinking full bodied beer.

Inspired – 5.2%
Satisfying Irish Red Ale which is slightly malty, showcasing toffee sweetness and a toasty character finishing smooth and clean

Stange Kolsch Style Ale – 4.9%
Classic Kolsch style ale. Smooth bodied, with a sweet grainy, bread-like quality, ending clean and crisp.

Oat Pale Ale – 5.9%
Easy Drinking Oat Pale Ale brewed with 7C’s and Ahtanum hops.  Brewed in collaboration with 14th Star Brewing Co.



Early Riser – 4.8%
American Cream Ale

Social Club – 5.2%
American Pale Ale w/ Rotating Hops

The Plot Thickens – 8%
French Toast Inspired Imperial Milk Stout

Nefarious – 3.9%
Tart Farmhouse Ale/Saison brewed in collaboration with Zero Gravity Craft Brewery 


Harpoon BRewery

Super Dark – 10%
Dark, malty, smooth with a chocolatey sweetness and depth of flavor from 12 months of aging in oak barrels

UFO Pineapple – 5.2%
Introducing UFO’s first new year-round product in eight years, UFO Pineapple is a golden, juicy and tropical hefeweizen that helps you get your luau on

UFO Pink Lemonade – 4.4%
Sunny, citrusy, and fun, UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy is the perfect beer

Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero – 9%
Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout; Chocolate Malt, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Ancho Chili Powder


Hermit thrush brewery

Fou D’or – 5.9%
Foudre aged golden sour

Meeples Are Peoples – 5.2%
Saison with Simple Roots yeast and Hermit Thrush hops

Tart of Lothian – 5.9%
Drop-In Brewery’s Heart of Lothian Scotch Ale with Hermit Thrush’s kettle souring and house yeasts

Fish In a Barrel – 8.8%
White wine barrel aged sour double IPA dry hopped with Southern Cross. Brewed in collaboration with Trout River Brewing Co.

Two Birds, One Whetstone – 4.5%
Whetstone Station’s Whetstoner with Hermit Thrush’s kettle souring and house yeasts

Chaga Chaga Choo Choo – 4.9%
Red wine barrel aged sour brown ale with foraged chug mushrooms brewed in collaboration with 14th Star Brewing Co.


Hogback mountain brewing

Maple Brown – 7%
An American brown, starts out malty, before giving way to a moderately hoppy finish, with a hint of maple syrup brewed in collaboration with The Bobcat Cafe and Brewery

American Sour With Blackberry – 5.5%
A moderately soured ale with pils and wheat malts, nugget hops. A very local beer, brewed with Addison County malts and hops, blackberries from Williston.



Helles Brook Lager – 4.8%
Munich-style, golden session lager

Idletyme DIPA – 8%
Imperial Indian Pale Ale, Citrus fruit, dry hopped

Zog’s Pale Ale – 5.7%
American style strong pale ale, crushable

Guava Lotta Love – 7.9%
Fruity dry hopping collides with guava. A Valentines collaboration with Big Spruce Brewing.


Jasper MURDOCK’S Alehouse Norwich inn

Baltic Porter – 6.4%
Dark, full body, complex malt aroma and flavors. Small amount of malt smoked with applewood.

Surprise IPA – 6.6%
Light-medium body American IPA. Heavy contributions from wheat and rye.



Gigny – 7.99 %
His friend Shrek thought he would taste good mixed in a big stout, we thought so too. Collaboration with Saint J Brewery.

Romanov’s Revenge – 18.2 %
Our robust Maple Russian Imperial Stout was made with 100% maple sap secretly combined with copious amounts of Oats and aged in Smuggler’s Notch Bourbon barrels for 8 months. It’s not only the first legal 18.2% beer in Vermont, but it’s also the only true 100% Vermont Beer, made with nothing but local Vermont ingredients.

Asleep on the Lift IIIPA – 12%
Our NEK take on the IIIPA combines generous amount of Simcoe to send your taste buds to the mountain and back. Good thing you only get 5 ounces.

Old East Kent Imperial Pale Ae – 7.9%
Traditional This Imperial Pale Ale features a classic smooth British Ale profile reminiscent of an ESB but with a smokey, and earthy finish

Grandma’s Apple Pie – 6%
Only the most sophisticated pallet can figure this out


Lawson’s finest liquids

Sip of Sunshine IPA – 8%
Lupulin-laden India Pale Ale packed with juicy tropical fruit character, bright floral aromas, and delectable layers of hop flavor

Super Session #8 – 4.8%
Light and refreshing session IPA brewed with copious amounts of Mosaic hops

Pow Pow Double IPA – 8.5%
Hazy, pale orange in appearance and emits aromatic qualities of pineapple, peach, orange, and dried citrus on the nose.
Collaboration with Trillium Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Fayston Maple Imperial Stout – 10.1%
Brewed with black malts and nearly 2 gallons of Vermont maple syrup per barrel

Brewers Special Cask
A special cask brewed exclusively for Vermont Brewers Festival at Killington


Long Trail BRewing Company

Night Goat – 10%
A wild version of our Unearthed stout–this beer was aged for 16 months in Heaven Hill whiskey barrels with a wild blend of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. Tart, with notes of dark fruit and chocolate

Golden Sour – 8.4%
American Wild Ale aged for 14 months in Chardonnay Barrels. A tart golden beer with hints of oak and funk

VT IPA – 5.9%
Hazy, with a soft mouthfeel and big juicy hop flavor

Event Horizon – 6%
Soft, hazy, cask IPA with a big dose of Mandarina Bavaria, Nelson Sauvin, and Hallertau Blanc hops. Notes of citrus, lemongrass, and pineapple with a soft floral and wine-like finish


Magic Hat Brewing Company

Barroom Hero – 4.2%
English pub-style ale with aromas of roast and coffee inviting you into a smooth caramel and chocolate finish. Created in collaboration with the Dropkick Murphys.

TGF – 6.6%
A rock solid American IPA with big hop notes of grapefruit, orange, and pine.

Laughing Stock – 7.9%
A big, juicy DIPA with notes of grapefruit, mango, and papaya

Petite Pearl – 9.5 %
A red wine-beer hybrid with a spicy start from rye and red grape must, followed by a raspberry aroma and cranberry, strawberry finish. Collaboration with Shelburne Vineyards.

Vignoles – 8.6%
A white wine-beer hybrid that’s bright and fruity with pineapple notes up front and dried apricot in the background. Collaboration with Snow Farm Vineyards.

Brandy Bordeaux Barrel Aged Feast of Fools – 8.9%
A special blend of our raspberry stout, aged for a year in brandy and Bordeaux barrels


Northshire brewery

Northshire Chocolate Stout – 6%
This is a classic British stout, brewed with chocolate malt and imported English malt and hops. Robust and full flavored with a balanced bitterness, chocolate character and a delicious finish.

7 Saints – 7%
is a double IPA brewed with crystal malt and 7 hop varieties. Bitterness is solid but not overwhelming. Loads of late hop additions drives home a bouquet of aroma and flavors.


Otter Creek Brewery

Drip Drop *Nitro* – 5.6%
Our collaboration Drip Drop coffee stout–brewed with locally roasted, fair trade, organic beans–finished with Nitrogen to provide a milkshake smooth experience. Collaboration with Vermont Coffee Company.

Head Charge – 8%
OCB’s first full on double IPA release delivers an enlightened state of haze and hops. Dry hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade hops.

Soulful Lager – 4.5%
An easy-drinking Mexican lager brewed with local, organic Hominy grown in Charlotte, Vermont.

Passion Dream  – 5.2%
A dreamy cream ale brewed with passionfruit, experimental hops, and vanilla

Eichenholz Dunkel – 6 %
A German-style dark lager brewed with a healthy dose of Munich malts and finished in oak. Created in collaboration with our friends at Stone Corral Brewery


Prohibition Pig

Bantam DIPA – 8%
American Double IPA

Vanilla Bean Porter – 6%
Porter aged on Madagascar vanilla beans



Rock art brewery

Mosaic DIPA – 7.5%
A single hopped IPA using only the Mosaic hop.

Ridge Runner Ale – 7.2%
A bold Vermont ale with beautiful malt grain and caramel notes

A River Runs Gruit – 5.2%
An ancient ale brewed without hops. We use chamomile, rose hip, elderberry and lavender

Vermont Maple Wheat Ale – 6%
A golden wheat ale with real Vermont maple syrup

JD Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout – 10%
Our Russian imperial stout aged in Jack Daniels barrels for 6 months


Saint J Brewery

Brown Chaga – 6%
American Brown Ale Steeped with Chaga Mushrooms

Double Citra J – 8%
Triple Dry Hopped Citra Double IPA

Gingerbread Porter – 6%
English Porter Secondaried with Ginger Bread Extract

Hoppy Logger – 5%
Citra Dry Hopped German Dormunder Larger brewed in collaboration with Next Trick Brewing

Raspberry Wheat – 5%
Belgian Wit with American Yeast

Saint Patrick – 9%
Hoppy Imperial Red Ale

Smoking J – 6%
Single IPA with Smoked Wheat and Jalepenos


Simple roots Brewing

American Dream – 5.4%
A refreshing and smooth cream ale, incredibly easy drinking

Coffee by the Hearthside – 5.1%
Our classic oatmeal stout with cold pressed, equal exchange coffee.

New North End IPA – 6.4%
A soft and hazy New England IPA with complex fruit notes from Mosaic, Vic Secret, Azacca, and Ekuanot hops

Solace Saison – 6.8%
A soft saison with oats and wheat–dry, fruity, and with subtle Brett characteristics

Meeples for the Peoples – 5.2%
Saison with local and aged hops fermented with Simple Roots Saison Yeast. Collaboration with Hermit Thrush Brewery.


Stone Corral Brewery

Hummingbird Rodeo – 7.4%
Imperial Sour with tart cherries and chocolate, brewed with a blend of cultures from both breweries. Collaboration with Zero Gravity Craft Brewery.

Eichenholz Dunkel – 5.4%
Classic German Style Dunkel aged on Oak

Bad Rooster IPA – 6.7%
Brimming with fruity aromas and attitude, this brew is balanced with a complex malt profile that demands attention. Flavors of Citrus, resin, stone fruit, and a sweet malt round this bird out.

Lil Boh Pilsner – 5.2%
Bright, crisp, and clean Pilsner. Easy drinking and low ABV with a slightly hoppy finish.

Black Beer – 6%
German inspired black lager/porter cross. Clean laters of dark malt, mocha, caramel, and noble hops.

Bramble – 6%
Ripe Blackberries lend their delicate weet-tartness and lovely due to this delicious, naturally sourced brew

Scotch Ale – 7.2%
Scottish style strong ale–malty, full-bodied with a hint of smokiness


Switchback Brewing co.

Smoked Märzen – 5.4%
A strong dose of old world smokiness adds a whole new dimension to the Märzen experience. It carries an intense smokiness that elevates this style to new heights of complexity and satisfaction. After a few sips you’ll be transported to the cobblestone streets and biergartens o Bamberg, Germany where Rauchbiers are a way of life.

Gates of Helles – 5.1%
Enter the realm of smoked beers through the Gates of Helles. We use a soft touch on the smoke to ferment this helles style lager. This creates an amazingly satisfying and refreshing golden lager whereby the smoke brings complexity and depth to the world’s most popular style of beer. Crack open the Gates of Helles and abandon all hope of returning to conventional beers.

Blackstrap Ale – 5.9%
This smoky dark ale is inspired by Switchback Founder Bill Cherry’s time in Kansas City. It harkens back to KC’s iconic BBQ tradition with its combination of sweet and smoky flavors, derived from an outrageous use of smoked, roasted, and caramelized malts with a hint of dark brown sugar. Drink up and dream o burnt end with this explosion of bold and smoky flavors.


Trout River brewing Co.

Rainbow Red Ale – 5%
American Red Ale. Malt forward and smooth. A Trout River classic.

Angler Management – 7%
Our version of a New England IPA. Lots of citrus and very smooth.

Murky Minnow – 5.3 %
Our wheat-based IPA. Light, hazy, and very drinkable.


von Trapp Brewing

Trösten – 6%
Trösten, translating to “comforting”, is a dark lager with rich notes of chestnut and toast. Carafa and smoked malts create rich flavors lingering on a surprisingly light, smooth finish. Brewed for the cold winter nights in Vermont, but can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Vienna Style Lager – 5.2%
Named for the city that created the style, our amber lager is malt forward with a grassy, crackery hop aroma. A classic blend of German malts and hops develop lingering flavors of biscuit and caramel on the finish.

Weissbier – 5.2%
Our Vermont take on a Bavarian classic, this “white beer” exudes a spicy, citrusy aroma with a lush, tropical palate. The malt imparts a fruity, peppery character, and rich mouthfeel that yields to a lovely, brightly carbonated finish. Our Wheat beer is brewed to coincide with the changing of seasons from Winter to Spring.


Whetstone Station Restaurant and brewery

Two Birds, One Whetstone – 4.8%
Brewed in collaboration Hermit Thrush Brewery, this is our flagship Session IPA recipe, brewed with our malt and hop profile but with their yeast.

Of A Single Mind – 5%
Brewed in collaboration with Trout River Brewing Company, this is our take on a Trappist-style Single, otherwise known as Patersbier.

Big ‘Stoner – 8%
With all late additions of Simcoe, Citra, Galaxy hops along with generous dry-hopping, this Double IPA is dank, balanced, and just plain delicious.


zero gravity Craft Brewery

Conehead – 5.7%
Our single hop wheat IPA, brewed with all Citra hops. Lighter in color and lower ABV than a typical American IPA, this beer has just the right amount of hop flavor and aroma.

Little Wolf – 4.7%
Named for the translation of the hop plant species “Humulus Lupulus” which got it’s name because it was small but feisty. This pale ale was brewed with barley, oasts, and a blend of Horizon, Citra, and Mosaic hops.

Green State Lager – 4.9%
A crisp, easy-drinking Pilsner beer that is influenced by the great brewing regions of the world. The Noble hops play a key role, but allow the malt to take center stage.