Event Day Details



Band Line-up

| Prydein – Friday, July 20 12:00-4:00pm

| The Grift – Friday, July 20 5:30-9:30pm

| Nico & The Bodacious Supreme – Saturday, July 21 12:00-4:00pm

| Rumblecat – Saturday, July 21 5:30pm-9:30pm



We are so pleased to welcome the following food and retail vendors.  Gates open a 1/2 hour before each session for attendees to enjoy our many food and retail vendors.  Please note that most retail vendors are cash only.  Please visit an ATM in the K1 base lodge before entering the event.

| The festival is outdoors on the shores of Lake Champlain. Check the weather – we open rain or shine so dress accordingly – rain coats, sun screen, etc. In cases of extreme wind or lightening, for your safety, we may evacuate you to a safe shelter.





Tickets are non-refundable and no exchanges, rain or shine. Tickets are non-transferable, ID required for ticket purchaser.

| You must be 21 years of age to taste beer. Pictured US Driver’s License or valid passport is required as proof of ID for all tasting session tickets.

| Festival Gates open to the food & retail vendors ½  hour prior to tasting sessions. Plan to come early and have some really good local food. Check out the exhibitors.

| There are four separate four hour tasting sessions. Please see Get Tickets Page for details.

| Each session ends promptly and site will be cleared immediately at the close of session. Everyone must exit through the front entrance. Please, no running back to the restrooms, there are restrooms near the exit.

| There is no cash machine on site. There are lots of banks just up the street in Burlington. Plan to stop before coming to the event.

| Cash needed for food & retail. Take advantage of the extra half hour and have something to eat from one of our amazing local food and snack vendors.

| No entrance for anyone showing signs of intoxication- no exceptions

| Tickets will not be refunded if refused entrance

| No re-entry

| No Swimming

| Please, no walking or standing in carts lanes- don’t cross the green fencing area. We are moving over 500 kegs & 5000 lbs of ice to the brewers for your tasting pleasure.

| No large bags allowed inside festival- all bags & backpacks may be subject to search

| No outside beverages or food are permitted including pretzel necklaces. There is lots of great food and beer inside.

| No tents, lawn chairs, etc. There are several limited tented areas for seating. Please no claiming of chairs. Take all personal belonging when leaving for tasting samples or food.

| Yes it’s true – no more dogs.  Heat, crowds, confined space & dogs just don’t mix- sorry- Fido needs to chill at home.

| No children of any age are permitted, including babies.  Everyone on the festival grounds must be 21+.

| Plan your tasting agenda. There are over 250 beers to choose from so save time by making your tasting decisions before you arrive. Beers may be subject to change and we cannot ever predict the demand for certain beers so we do not guarantee availability of any beer listed. So think ahead, beer listings will be posted in advance of the festival.

| There is FREE cold water available from the water truck. Stay hydrated -it gets hot.  We suggest a one to one ratio. Prevent waste please by using your tasting glass or bring an empty water bottle to the event.

| Please be nice to the staff. They do not make the laws or polices, but it is their job to observe them. Please do not ask them to put their jobs or licenses in jeopardy.

| We are a tasting festival and operate under the same laws that your favorite bar does. If you are looking for mass consumption, we are not the place for you. If you are looking to taste some of the best beers in the world and talk with the brewers who brew them with a background of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, then you should purchase a ticket.

| When leaving, glasses should be placed in a pocket or bag before leaving the festival or you may choose to recycle your glass at the gate

| Please be considerate of our neighbors – the Waterfront is surrounded by condos and apartments. Please respect their property and noise levels when arriving and leaving the festival. We hope you have a good time, but we prefer you not share it with the neighbors.


| Valid US Driver’s License or Passport is required

| We reserve the right to card at any time during the festival.

| Admission includes includes a 2018 souvenir tasting glass & 15 tasting tickets


| Must be visible at all times

| One 3oz tasting is served at one time per wristband. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/partner needs to get her/his own beer.

| Brewery staff reserve the right to refuse serving any individual who does not cooperate with wrist band identification, ticketing policy, or if attendee shows any signs of intoxication


| Each beer sample is limited to 3oz

| Tastings will only be poured into official 2018 souvenir glass.

| Please make your sampling choice before entering the line at breweries so you don’t hold up the line for others

| Glasses must be placed in a bag or pocket or recycled prior to leaving festival site


| This is a 21+ event, photo ID is required. No one under 21 years of age will be admitted to the festival site.


| Please hand full ticket(s) to server when ordering. No half tickets will be accepted.

| You receive 15 beer tickets with admission.

| 7.99% ABV or less = 1 beer ticket (ABV’s notated by one star).

| 8.0% ABV or higher & special releases. = 2 beer tickets (ABV’s notated by two stars).

| Additional beer tickets are $2 per ticket with a maximum 5 additional tickets per wristband. No exceptions. This is a tasting festival so please do not give our staff and volunteers a hard time.

| Additional beer tasting tickets are available for purchase at the Vermont Brewers Association booth. There is a limit of 5 beer tickets per wristband.  Additional beer tickets will not be sold the last 1/2 hour of each session.

| Additional beer tasting tickets are available for purchase at the Vermont Brewers Association booth. There is a limit of 5 beer tickets per wristband.  Additional beer tickets will not be sold the last 1/2 hour of each session.

| Please do not pass on unused beer tickets. By Vermont law we are the liquor license holder and we cannot over serve anyone. By handing off tickets you might be over serving someone and risking the festival’s license and future of the festival. Protect our event and do not pass off unused beer tickets.

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