Brewery Trails Challenge

Wherever you go in Vermont, you’ll find different styles, different tastes, and a common bond. And with every new taste, you’ll get to know the flavor or our state a little better. Follow our brewery trails, visit a new trail with us each month and enter our drawing for prizes. 

Discover the Scenic Route 7/Middlebury and Beyond Trail from January 6th to February 13th, by visiting each brewery on the trail you’ll be entered to win a prize pack including gift certificates to area establishments.

| American Flatbread in Middlebury

| Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury

| Fire & Ice in Middlebury

| The Tillerman in Bristol

| Plus a VBA branded 16 oz YETI Colster and Daytrip Lunch Bag, which perfectly fits a four pack of beer

You’ve got questions on our trail challenge and we’ve got answers!


Q: Do I have to visit each brewery on the trail to be entered? 

A: Yes, in order to qualify for the drawing you will need to visit each brewery on the Scenic Route 7/Middlebury and Beyond Trail.

Q: What breweries are on the Burlington Trail? 

A: Find the full list of breweries on the Scenic Route 7/Middlebury and Beyond Trail HERE.

Q: How do I enter?

A: Each brewery will have posters and table tents promoting the challenge.  Scan the QR code on any of the promotional materials to enter.

Q: Can I enter more than once? 

A: Sure, visit all the breweries on the trail more than once and you’ll receive an additional entry. Same day entries won’t count though, you must visit the brewery on a different day to enter the challenge twice.

Q: Will there be other opportunities to enter?

A: Yes, each month we’ll be promoting a different brewery trail so follow along and let each trail lead you to Beer Worth Finding®.

Q: When will the winner be pulled for the Burlington Trail?

A: The winner will be pulled on Tuesday, February 14th and will be contacted by 4pm that day.

Q: How will the winner be contacted?

A: The winner will be contacted via email and we will list their first name and hometown on our website and on social media.

Q: What’s the next trail on the list to visit?

A: Stay tuned and check our website and follow us on social to learn what trail is next!

If you have additional questions get in touch with us at [email protected]