J’Ville Brewery

Jacksonville, Vermont

J’ville Brewery serves small batch, hand crafted brews in Southern Vermont.  J’ville Brewery shares its Tasting Room with the sister company Honora Winery.  The winery produces award winning wines using both California and Vermont grapes.

In 2012, the CEO of Honora Winery approached Janice about potentially starting a brewery. They dreamed about how a brewery would run and what beers they would brew. In 2015 that dream became a reality! Janice has taken courses through the Siebel Institute, done some home brewing and had some hands on experience. The license for J’ville Brewery came through on March 17th , 2015 and they got right to recipe development and brewing! In 2014, the J’ville team planted a small hop yard containing two varieties of hops:  Cascade and Newport. Ninety plants of each variety were planted to see how hops would do on the same property as Honora’s vineyard. One hop variety was chosen for the aroma and the other, bittering; both are doing really well.

J’ville specializes mainly in ales, with some experimental brews along the way. The tasting room has 16 oz cans, 32 oz crowlers and 32 oz growlers for purchase. There are 4 taps that rotate through the different types of beer, including some seasonal and limited brews.

A second tasting room is now open in Dover.  Visit J’Ville’s second location at 131 Route 100 Dover, VT.

Jacksonville Tasting Room Hours:

Wednesday- Sunday 11:00am- 6:00pm

Dover Tasting Room Hours:

Wednesday- Sunday 12:00pm- 8:00pm